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What is OPEN PLAY?


Open Play is the time courts are made available for 'pick up' games and the best way to meet new friends and potential new teammates!

All open play courts are challenge courts meaning the winner stays on, loser moves on for a new team to play.

We will have designated courts for different games (2's, 4's, 6's) depending on attendance and popularity.  


Rules of CTX Beach

  • Coolers & outside beverages (besides water) are never allowed in facility!

  • ​All players must check in & pay entry fee to receive wristband. Wristband must be worn on wrist or ankle at all times. 

  • Dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. All dog owners MUST pick up their dog's poop!

  • Open play is for adults only, 18+.

  • Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by adults at all times! (no drop offs!) 

  • All players & spectators enter the facility & play at their own risk​

When is OPEN PLAY?

Currently we will be running Pop Up Open Plays mainly on Friday Nights/Sunday Afternoons. The best way to get info about Open Play is to follow us on Instagram for updates! 



Beers, Seltzers, Margaritas
& Snacks available for
purchase at our Snack Bar!

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