NFinite Pursuit is a company founded in San Marcos, Texas with the sole purpose of making health and fitness easy and convenient for the individual. We want to improve the overall health of our population by taking a lot of the stress, time, money, and intimidation out of getting in shape. The three main services we offer are Resident Wellness, Corporate Wellness, and Personal Training. NFinite Pursuit has a large, diverse database of fitness professionals with the knowledge, skill, and passion to make a difference. Our training style is unique because we come to you. Our trainers will come to your gym, apartment complex, house, business, or find a convenient location near you to train.

Meet the Founder

Jackson Belcher is the owner and founder of NFinite Pursuit. Physical fitness and pushing himself to the limit has always been a passion of his. He was a well-rounded athlete, being involved in tennis, cross country, football, bodybuilding competitions, and endurance-based fitness competitions. He always strove to excel at everything he did by spending countless hours training and studying each athletic endeavor he pursued. When he became a certified personal trainer, he was finally able to channel his passion into helping others achieve their fitness goals. As his passion for helping others grew, he created NFinite Pursuit as a means of helping people reach their fitness goals.

The idea for NFinite Pursuit came to Jackson after listening to one of Eric Thomas's motivational speeches where he says, "Start where you are, with what you have, because what you have is plenty". That quote finally gave him the courage to pursue his dream of motivating people to become the person they desire to be. Jackson created the name NFinite Pursuit to encompass motivational sayings such as "Never Give Up," "Never Be Satisfied," and "Never Stop Growing." NFinite Pursuit is not just a name, but a way of life. Jackson's vision was for NFinite Pursuit to be more than a company that trains people physically, but also motivates them to grow in all other aspects of their lives.

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2610 Main Street

Buda, TX 78610

Phone: 512-523-4053

Email: sunfieldstation@gmail.com